Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rule #1 What Cums Out ...Must Go Back In!

   Sometime in the last year Pet has been given a new rule for when he is allowed to orgasm. ***What cums out...must go back in*** Now this has not been too difficult in some aspects as he is more than willing to lick me clean before his orgasm. I love to ride him while he leaks like a faucet and repeatedly telling him "No Pet, Not right now!". The best part is that he knows how dirty he is making my pussy and that he will be given the opportunity to "clean up his mess". He is always eager to get on his knees on the floor at the edge of the bed in what I refer to as his "eating spot".

   I have gone so far as to keep a little tupperware smidget, (one of the older taller versions) to keep any cum in that results from orgasms on the end of my cock or one of my toys.

I save this for rewards or special occasions in the freezer as part of Pets training to become a cum whore. I just drop the container into a cup of hot water and it heats right back up. I usually use it by pouring it over my pussy and creating a glaze for him to lick up. This particular batch is several orgasms worth and I haven't quite decided how to use it yet. I have had thoughts of freezing mini cum cubes for him to suck on while I am fucking his boy pussy.

   Of course, there are times when there are exemptions to this rule. For example, if I have his ankles raised to the ceiling and he is bent over and able to cum directly into his mouth. We have had some luck with a few of these positions and he is able to get his cum, hot and fresh directly from the source. There is also one toy that makes him squeal and I do love using it, but alas, it only fits comfortably when he is on his back. I do love this toy so and since I can't collect his cum in a cup, I scoop it up and feed it to him while he is still in the throws of his orgasm.

   Next Post.... Making Him My Cum Whore


  1. A fun post again. Thanks. I would find it difficult to lick my own cum or another man's cum once I had come myself. But this is known territory, i.e. I am not the first to talk about how a man's (my) sexual desire plummets after orgasm. Which is the reason that I do not like orgasming.

    Question: You talk of fucking his "boy pussy". Do you mean his "ass"?

  2. Yes. That is what I call Pet's ass.

  3. I can't wait for you next post about Pet's being your cum whore. :)

  4. Interestingly enough, i was just commenting on this very thing on my blog. Like EDAS, i know how difficult it would be for me to have to eat my own cum after having had an orgasm, because it has never been a fantasy of mine. That being said, the idea of being forced to do it as a gesture and symbol of my devotion is so exciting.

    Also intersting (perhaps) is that my Mistress is also Mistress K. I am so glad i found your blog. Looking forward to hearing about your future adventures.

  5. You are training him well. Like most men after a climax I was not interested in cleaning up my mess, however R was and started by just feeding me some on her finger that I'd suck off. I'm now at the point sex is not over until I do clean up and I actually look forward to my clean up duties. I guess I've reached the cum slut stage and I like it.

  6. hot.....................