Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rule #1 What Cums Out ...Must Go Back In!

   Sometime in the last year Pet has been given a new rule for when he is allowed to orgasm. ***What cums out...must go back in*** Now this has not been too difficult in some aspects as he is more than willing to lick me clean before his orgasm. I love to ride him while he leaks like a faucet and repeatedly telling him "No Pet, Not right now!". The best part is that he knows how dirty he is making my pussy and that he will be given the opportunity to "clean up his mess". He is always eager to get on his knees on the floor at the edge of the bed in what I refer to as his "eating spot".

   I have gone so far as to keep a little tupperware smidget, (one of the older taller versions) to keep any cum in that results from orgasms on the end of my cock or one of my toys.

I save this for rewards or special occasions in the freezer as part of Pets training to become a cum whore. I just drop the container into a cup of hot water and it heats right back up. I usually use it by pouring it over my pussy and creating a glaze for him to lick up. This particular batch is several orgasms worth and I haven't quite decided how to use it yet. I have had thoughts of freezing mini cum cubes for him to suck on while I am fucking his boy pussy.

   Of course, there are times when there are exemptions to this rule. For example, if I have his ankles raised to the ceiling and he is bent over and able to cum directly into his mouth. We have had some luck with a few of these positions and he is able to get his cum, hot and fresh directly from the source. There is also one toy that makes him squeal and I do love using it, but alas, it only fits comfortably when he is on his back. I do love this toy so and since I can't collect his cum in a cup, I scoop it up and feed it to him while he is still in the throws of his orgasm.

   Next Post.... Making Him My Cum Whore

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What a Good Pet You Are!

    Receiving the Holy Trainer in the mail was quite exciting. I was home from work before Pet but did not open it. I set it on his dresser and let him find it after work. It was a big production. I made him open the packaging and bring it out. We both looked it over and I finally told Pet to go wash it and we would try out the fit. Now mind you, we measured, and measured, measured again and again. I made sure that we received the most appropriate fit we could without going custom. Pet is a big guy, he is well over six feet and lean. He is well proportioned and that is in all AREAS (woo hoo). Pet sized in at the standard size tube for the holy trainer and the 50 mm ring. He actually measured at 55 and 56 respectively and since most said to go one smaller than the measurements, we felt the 50 would work well.

   Well here I thought we would just slip it on and be raring to go... but no (snort, giggle). We had to push and squeeze and maneuver to get poor Pet's penis into the cage. We have since mastered the ins and outs but that first time was well.... funny as hell. So again, I think all is good, pet is locked up and here we go. Not. The cage wakes him up, it hurts when he gets hard... duh. He ends up taking it off at 1am. OK, we will take it slow. We start the first week with everyday after work until bedtime and all day Saturday and Sunday for as long as he can handle... weeks two and three follow the same path. Hmmmm... I want 24/7 and Pet is fighting against it. It disrupts his sleep. He gets hard in the tube and can't pee. His morning wood is is asphyxiating itself in the tube in the mornings.

   Well what's a Mistress to do? I can make him wear it for 24 hours, I mean I have figured out he just has to gets used to it or...I can offer him something he can't refuse and make it his choice. In reality, I want him to embrace his chosen role in chastity and the cage is such an important symbol to him. He just needs a little push. And so the reward. Pet spends 24 full hours locked up and he can ass.

   Its probably been a year since the last time Pet has earned such a reward and he is just salivating for it. Finally in the first week of June, Pet kept it on for 24 hours straight. What a good Pet he is. Just 4 days after my offer and here he is, embracing his submission and handing me the key and his control with it. I have never gone back on a promised reward and so Pet was ready to claim my ass right at the 24 hour point. I knew though that he had waited until Friday night to begin his 24 hours because that would mean it would end on Saturday (his scheduled day to orgasm). What a sneaky Pet.

   I did promise it to him, I just didn't promise how or when. I did however decide to go ahead and let him fuck me that night. Oh he was so excited, no orgasm for a week, pleasing me throughout it and now he was going into that warm tight tunnel that he worships every morning and every night with his tongue. Here's how it went...

   I began by attaching cuffs to each of Pets wrists and clipping them to the eye bolts we have hidden in the wall behind our iron headboard. Then I cuffed his ankles and attached them to the foot board. Once he was spread eagle in nothing but his cage and a plug,  I began our evening. What a sight, his balls were drawn up tight and his poor penis was like a faucet, cum running out of the cage and down the inside of his leg. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy and ass against his cage while I had him take care of my nipples. I whispered to him about how snug and warm my ass would be around his cock and listened to him beg for a good ten minutes for me to take off his cage.

   I could not possibly stop there so I slid my way down his body and nudged the cage with my mouth while pulling his plug in and out. Once Pet began to babble incoherently and begging me to let him come, I released him from his cage. I can never resist when he begs so pretty. I lubed up and slid in the next size bigger plug and then finally I turned around and let him watch as I stretched myself. When I finally crawled back on top of him, he had created a puddle of cum between his legs on the sheets, I scooped up all I could on my fingers and let him lick them clean while I slowly lowered my self onto him.

   "Please Mistress, can I cum!"  "Please, please, please Mistress can I cum now!" And here he is not even fully inside me. Now you would think I would say yes and it would be done but I like anal sex in the right frame of mind and with good foreplay. There is no better foreplay than my pet writhing in agonizing pleasure. I of course said "No Pet, not yet" He was such a good Pet, breathing deep and holding his orgasm at bay as he slid all the way inside me and while I rode him. I didn't make him wait too long as this was a reward. I finally told him I was going to count to ten and then he could cum. I began to slowly ride him and counted but poor Pet only made it till 8 before he was shouting to the ceiling and pulling helplessly at all his bonds. Ahh well, I would just have to punish him for that.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can I Put my Penis in Your Vagina.... I Bet You Would Really Like It

   These are words I hear on a nightly basis since we have begun Pet's life of chastity. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I happen to love nothing more than a fat, hard, hot cock. I like it even better when I am riding it to orgasmal bliss...multiple orgasms if I have any say! With my Pet in chastity this of course occurs less often than I would like. Not to say that I don't have my boyfriend visit, but silicone just does not compare to the feel of my Pets cock.

   So it is with this that we schedule his orgasms weekly. I know that many of those in cages think.... well 7 days is not a lot. We had a pretty active sex life before chastity and I had the pleasure of that cock a minimum of 3 times a week and 3 or 4 times on any weekend we were home alone. So yeah.... for ME 7 days is A LOT! So when making the transition, we began with just a few days...then a week and it was self imposed chastity. It stayed at about every 7 days once we had the Holy Trainer. We have since then stayed within a weekly orgasm schedule.

   Well some of you are probably thinking "Just because his mistress wants his cock, why does Pet have to be allowed to come?" Reality ladies and gentlemen...Reality. Pet's poor penis gets hard anywhere near my pussy and it starts to look like a leaky faucet. In fact just a few months ago I made him come just by squeezing my pussy around his cock while he was tied to our bed. Hmmm I feel like such a lucky girl that after 20 years my man finds me that attractive.

  As his Mistress, I determined a schedule of orgasms for Pet that satisfied my need for his cock as well as my need to give Pet a taste of my cock. Every Saturday, Pet gets his boy pussy paddled and pounded several times during the day and if I am feeling magnanimous, into the evening as well. I may allow him to come once any time on Saturday but he will never know when or how and it also signals the end of our playtime for the day. I usually have one goal and that is to make sure that he still feels me the next day. More often than not, accomplished by keeping him plugged and caged the whole day and bending him over any surface in the vicinity of us.

   Sunday mornings.... these are the mornings I love the best. As Pet has usually had a epic orgasm after 7 days of taunting and teasing, usually on the end of my cock he is relaxed and not on the edge. Sunday morning is when I get my fix. A nice leisurely morning fuck... what a way to start the week. Of course its back in the cage for Pet.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can he Worship You Too Much?

   In general my Pet is quite affectionate and that was BEFORE we introduced chastity into our intimacy. One thing that I had not expected was for him to become more affectionate than he already was. So much so that it can be almost cloying in it's intensity. 
   Since he has not been allowed to come during playtime, his sexual tension is constant as his goal is to eventually be allowed that all elusive orgasm. His plight is ongoing nightly, daily, hourly and although we have a date set for when he will be allowed to come he never gives up in his goal of changing my mind.
   The first few weeks were quite enlightening and very pleasurable although we did find out my poor pussy could not handle the amount of oral sex he was performing on me, sometimes several times a day looking for not only his own release but pleasing me to the point where I would allow it.
   There was a moment or two where the thought crossed my mind "Is too mach pleasure in the hands and tongue of my Pet possible?" Possibly, but as we as a couple have chosen this road for him, it has occurred to me that I have more responsibility to his emotional, sexual  and physical being and health than I ever have before. In denying his final pleasure, there is an unending need to ensure that I am pleased and it is my responsibility and pleasure to allow, encourage and enjoy his attentions.
   My Pet's needs are far more entwined with mine as his Mistress than anytime in our previous 20 years of sexual exploration.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Aching to Come Out and Play!

An Unexpected Night Alone

  My Pet in not very comfortable having his pussy used and abused while little ears could possibly hear him begging and moaning. With one off to college and the other at a friend or relatives every Saturday night we have fallen into a schedule. Now, he normally gets to come on Saturday nights after 7 days of being locked up. I make sure that he can still feel me on Sunday if he has pleased me well during the week.
   Alas, summer break is here and we find ourselves alone in the evenings more often. Does that mean he gets to come if we can get our freak on with no little ears about. I think not. It does however give me more opportunities to tease him with one or more of the toys in our trunk while he stays caged. These extra nights excited him at first. A nite alone, his Mistress in her strap-on and no one to hear him beg for her cock.
   Let's see how much he likes summer break while I take the opportunity to redden his bottom a little more regularly and yet is still not allowed to come until Saturday. His Mistress has decided that this summer she just may work on honing her edging skills as well....

Monday, June 23, 2014

What's in a Name?

   A common concept or belief is knowing the name of someone gives us power. When we began this game... and yes at this point it was a game and in many ways still is, we played with several honorifics. Slave. Slut. Whore. Mistress. Master. Miss ect.ect. When he finally settled on Mistress it felt as odd as it sounded. I still had not settled on something I was comfortable with but being the reader I am went back to my erotic BDSM novels and rediscovered the endearment  "Pet".  At first it seemed odd... out of place. It was not uncomfortable per say but still playful or silly.
   As the weeks went by, a change occurred in our relationship and with the power in the names we had given one another. No longer were they silly names in a game but positions of strength within our relationship. I have a new respect for my Pet for giving himself over to me and the honor it is to be his Mistress. That's not to say I don't throw out the occasional "cum slut" or "pussy boy"! The names have changed us. I feel powerful when my Pet call me his Mistress.